About us

What are Teacher Centers?
Teacher Resource Centers were created by the New York State Legislature in 1984. The intention was to provide school districts and the teachers of the state with an opportunity to develop systematic, on-going in-service training programs. The Centers would assure the dissemination and application of educational research developments in classroom instruction, and develop new curricular materials specifically designed to meet the needs of the students served. Teacher Centers allow educators new and expanded opportunities to develop their professional skills. They work with schools in a uniquely collaborative way to design and offer services which teachers need and want. There are currently 129 Teacher Centers in New York State that serve either a single district or a consortium of districts. 

What can the InterCounty Teacher Resource Center do for me?
InterCounty Teacher Resource Center provides free professional development for its member districts and private schools. This professional development can be requested by the district administration, the teacher union, or individual teachers. To request professional development as a member, email Carol Weintraub, InterCounty Teacher Resource Center Director at intercountytc@gmail.com.

If your school district or private school is not a member of InterCounty Teacher Resource Center, you are probably a member of a different Teacher Center. Ask your union.

If you are an educator, but not currently employed by a school district or private school, InterCounty Teacher Resource Center can help you with your professional development needs! Email Director Carol Weintraub at intercountytc@gmail.com.